Working on a different name, but...

…who hasn’t loved a walking taco at a sporting event?

Juicy, flavorful grilled flank steak, your favorite premium potato chips, creamy blue cheese (and I don’t even love blue cheeses but this is THAT good!)…oh, and we add slivered onions and peppery greens. Gurrrrlll. You’ll be making these for any easy gathering. Who needs a game?

These are soooo much better. Let’s make walking “tacos” grown-up style!

I start with making a rub.

  • minced garlic
  • finely chopped shishito peppers
  • salt
  • pepper
  • orange zest
  • couple glugs of EVOO
Step 1

Generously sprinkle your trimmed beef with salt, pepper and granulated garlic or pick up some PDubRub from our friends at Pulley Wissle Provisions. It’s the perfect “everything” (and not like the bagel stuff) seasoning.

Measure your steak – 4 minutes per inch per side for medium rare. If you want Medium go 5 minutes. If you want more than that, eat chicken. wink

Step 2

Pop the room temp steak on a screaming hot grill. Don’t touch it. Let it sear for 4 minutes. Flip. 4 minutes.

Step 3

REST your beef!

In the meantime: lightly crush your chips. We’re using plain sea salt as well as sea salt and vinegar today but when I can get my hand on single serve bags…give me ALL the truffle chips!

Mis en Place your julienned onion, washed arugula, crumbled or grated cheese and your cheesy cream (I blended crumbled bleu with two tablespoons of cream until smooth and creamy. Parmesan or feta would work beautifully too – you may need a smidge more cream.

Step 4

Fold down bag tops…add a layer of greens. I love the pepperiness of arugula or watercress but any favorite will do. Drizzle in some Gorgonzola cream and a generous layer of steak. Top it off with slivers of red (or green) onion, a few more crumbles of cheese and another drizzle of creamy cream.

Step 5

Pass the forks. This one is always a winner!